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Machine Caliber.jpg
Gender Female (AI)
Personal Status
Occupation Operator
Relatives Kugel (Pilot)
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1 - Castaway
Seiyuu Ayumi Fujimura
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Striker X3752 is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of Kugel's Machine Caliber.


Striker carries all the same capabilities as the mass production Chamber models and adds in a few of it's own. The first difference is in design. The Striker Machine Caliber has 6 wings compared to Chamber's two. Unlike Chamber's wings, which have beam weapons built in, Striker's wings are designed to enhance it's speed and maneuverability. Two wings are mounted on the shoulders, two on heels of the legs, and a smaller pair mounted in the rear. In total, a 47% advantage in speed and maneuverability over the standard Machine Caliber. Like Chamber, Striker also has built in beam weapons. Chamber was unable to use his beam weapons with any accuracy underwater so Ledo made a weapon with a explosive tip to allow them to fight effectively. Striker was able to decimate a large number Hideauze using its beam weapons underwater, again showing that Striker model was vastly superior to the standard machine caliber

The second feature is a holographic projector installed below the cockpit. This is designed to allow the pilot to command units without having to leave the cockpit. The mass production Machine Calibers carry a beam cannon that is discarded once used up. The Striker model carries a beam cannon which is has an external generator allowing to fire extremely powerful shots. a visible hue of energy is seen when the cannon is charging implying that generator for cannon is built into the arms.  Unlike the mass production cannons, the pilot does not discard it. The cannon is also colored to match the color of the unit wielding it. Later on Earth, Striker adds missile launchers on the back and shell firing cannon on the right hand. Those additional weapons are mainly due to Striker's primary weapon being overkill when compared to the weapons on Earth. In addition, these weapons allow Striker to conserve a great deal of power in battle. Interestingly unlike Chamber, Striker's propulsion system has only been seen twice generating the visible rings seen on Chamber. The lack of rings means the unit possess a superior propulsion system. Striker used the rings at Closer Pass to easily overturn Hideauze that were trying to get through the wormhole. On Earth, when Chamber powered up to full power, Striker uses the rings again, implying that Striker at normal power is equal to Chamber at full power.

When Ledo asks Chamber if it could fight Striker, Chamber responded by saying the combat formulation was in Ledo's hand. This implies that the Striker units can function in combat with or without human assistance.  Another interesting feature was that Striker was able to simulate Kugel's personality completely fooling Ledo that his commanding officer was simply unable to leave due to a disease.

Overall, these capabilities make the Striker an extremely formidable machine to go up against. The writing on the shoulders and waist roughly translates the word "leader".


After the GAH attack failed and they were forced to retreat. Ledo and Kugel were the last ones on the battlefield. Realizing that they couldn't both make it back to their carrier Lamorak, Kugel told Ledo to go on and he would stay behind to keep the Hideauze from following them back to Avalon

Later it is revealed that like Ledo, Kugel had also became stranded on Earth. Whereas Chamber ended up crash landing , Striker exited the wormhole safely.  

Kugel had a disease that prevented him from leaving his cockpit so he had his AI, Striker X3752, carried out the tasks for him. Kugel had Striker start by taking control of all the humans that they came across. The idea was to create a second "Avalon" on Earth. Eventually Ledo reunites with his commander when Kugel's Fleet meets up with the Pinion's Fleet. Striker recruits Pinion to be an engineering officer and rebuild and design new weapons.

Kugel asked Ledo to help change the planet and showed him the next target which is the Gargantia. After hard thought,  Ledo refuses to attack the Gargantia and fights Kugel instead. Initially, Kugel's Striker easily outmatched Ledo's Chamber in speed, maneuverability, and firepower. A shot fired from Pinion using a cannon that was recovered from the sea manages to knock Striker off balance long enough for Ledo to grab Kugel's machine. Despite the intense power of the impact to both machines, neither was damaged. When Ledo opens the cockpit of Striker, he finds Kugel's dead body revealing that he was already dead and that Kugel's Machine Striker had been commanding both Ledo and the human fleet. Striker being able to command Ledo and the human fleet implies that the Striker AI is designed to function with or without a pilot.

Exactly when or how Kugel died is unknown but Kugel ordered Striker to carry on his work, which was to create Avalon on Earth. This order eventually led to Striker malfunctioning and believing it was a God. Striker is eventually defeated by Chamber, who grabs Striker from behind and fires his waist beam at point blank, causing a explosion that completely destroys Striker.