Suisei no Gargantia Wiki

Age 22 Years Old
Gender Female
Height 158 cm
Weight ???
Blood Type Unknown
Personal Status
School Unknown
Occupation Overseer (Previous)
Fleet Commander (Current)
Relatives Fairlock
Chevron (father)
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 2 - The Planet where it Began
Seiyuu Sayaka Oohara (Japanese)
Laura Post (English)
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Ridget served as the aid to Fairlock, captain of the Gargantia. However, after his death in Episode 8, she is named as his successor and takes full command of the fleet.


Ridget is calm, diligent, logical, and holds a strong sense of responsibility. However, she is also known for being serious and stiff, so many keep their distance. She also has a laid back side seen in episode five when she strips off her diving suit to reveal her swimsuit.


She has dark purple hair, light violet eyes, and fair skin with a curvy figure with a large bust. Her hair is tied in a sophisticated bun. In episode five she wears an elegant purple one piece that Bellows calls sexy.


Suisei no Gargantia[]

Ridget was alerted to alarm by Pinion that a strange young man had appeared from the Yunboro Bellows salvaged from the sea. After Ledo and Chamber were backed at a corner on one of the locking arms, Ridget approached them alongside an armed militia.

Chamber using his incomplete knowledge of the Earth's language, tried to convey that they were kindred and belong to the GAH. Chamber's words as an annihilation machine worried her and when she demanded 'he' step out ofthe cockpit, Chamber stated there was no one in the cockpit, confusing her greatly.

In a private meeting with the fleet captains, Ridget asked Amy her opinion of their guest. Ridget wanted to apprehend both the stranger and his Yunboro, as she believed much could be gained from learning its technology.

Suisei no Gargantia BD-BOX II LOGBOOK II[]

During Gargantia's preparations for the Festival, Ridget and two of her aides come across Bellows relaxing in the market. Ridget explains that she has been hearing of several stalls selling alcohol to minors and came to investigate. Stopping by one such stall, she demands to sample them, despite the claims of the nervous owner that its free from alcohol. After one sip, Ridget face has gone red, and demands to inspect all the bottlers, suggesting that the bottlers were spiked. Later when Ridget awakens from a massive hangover, she find much to her embarrassment wearing a skimpy dancer outfit. Seeing that Bellows is also wearing a similar dress, Ridget demands answers. After Riget's inspection of every bar in Gargantia, she became drunk, and after catching sight of a pair of dancers in their costumes decided to try wearing one. She dragged Bellows into into stripping her clothes and wearing one. Ridget shocked at her appearance and situation, quickly hides behind a curtain when Amy Melty, and Saya arrive to practice their dance moves. Back in her office, Ridget is still reeling over her break in discipline, though she comments some memories of her time with her father and her at the Festival resurfaced. Though she swears not to approach the Festival stalls for awhile.

Suisei no Gargantia BD-BOX III LOGBOOK III[]

Ridget recruits Amy, Melty and Saya to clean the women's section of the public baths as there is no one available. To encourage their hard work she offers to allow them exclusive use of the bath after they are done, along with some sweets and drinks. After the girls are finished, Ridget, Bellows and Mayt join them. When questioned by Amy and the girls to why they are enjoying themselves after their hard work, Ridget defends her being at the bath as she was the one who directed the endeavor. Bellows comments that she knows the best, sneaking behind to grope her breasts causing Ridget cry in embarrassment. She attempts to find out who groped her, but is unable to see without her glasses. Later she and the women cry out their dismay when the bath suddenly drains all the water.


  • Her father was the previous Fleet Commander, before Fairlock.
  • Bust: 94cm - Waist: 62cm - Hips: 89cm