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Pirate Queen Yukkage
Age 21
Gender Female
Height 174cm
Weight ???
Blood Type Unknown
Personal Status
Occupation Pirate Leader
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 2 - The Planet where it Began (mentioned)
Episode 3 - The Villainous Empress (appeared)
Seiyuu Ayumi Tsunematsu
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Lukkage is a feared captain of a band of Pirates and often leads several groups on combined raids. Her personal insignia is a lobster.


Lukkage is quite vicious and will not hesitate to crush those who dare to insult or fight back against her. She is always confident of victory, which has led her to underestimate the power of a Machine Caliber. Lukkage has also been shown to be bisexual, as seen by owning a pair of female sex slaves Paraem and Parinuri. Who also act as her co-pilots, yet also showing to have attraction to males (specifically to Pinion, with his hair down).


Lukkage seems to have a history with the Fleet Admiral Fairlock of the Gargantia Fleet and will not hesitate to attack or try to kill him. Her pirates are among the most feared and brutal. Her two slave-girl servants act as both her lovers and her fire support during battle. She pilots a customized Yunboro called the Lobster, which is armed with claws, heavy armor, grappling cables, and machine guns. She also makes use of a high-speed, rocket-propelled skimmer.

However, despite her technological superiority over the Gargantia's Yunboros, both her Lobster and her backup crew were no match for Ledo and Chamber. Despite being ordered to surrender, Lukkage refused to do so, stating she'd die first before yielding. The end result was her Yunboro being broken in half, while she and her servants were sent flying into the ocean.

She is eventually seen again in Kugel's fleet. She planed to revolt against the crew and save Gargantia with Flange's crew assisting them. During the battle, she saves Pinion by commanding him to jump. When she later joins Gargantia, she appears to have fallen for Pinion, much to his misfortune.


  • Lukkage knows the French language.
  • Bust: 93cm - Waist: 64cm - Hips: 86cm