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Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Mechanic
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1 - Castaway
Seiyuu Katsuyuki Konishi
Patrick Seitz (English)
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Pinion is a young man who handles maintenance and repairs on The Gargantia Fleet.


He gets carried away easily, but everyone trusts his knowledge and skills when it comes to machinery. He dreams of making it rich one day by dragging treasure up out of the sea.


Suisei no Gargantia[]

He initially saw Chamber as his path to wealth and was all for taking it apart and getting rid of its pilot. However, due to the sheer complexity of the Machine Caliber, he was unable to even scratch it, despite his best efforts. His most recent experience inside Chamber's cockpit gave him a literal shock, as the AI retaliated with an electrical impulse to Pinon's rear end.

Eventually, he comes to terms with the fact that Ledo and Chamber are here to stay and even throws a party to cheer up Ledo when he is unable to find an occupation to suit him on the Gargantia.

Surprisingly, it is revealed that although he can swim, Pinion is unable to dive.

After the incident with the Whale-Squid, Pinion takes a keener interest in Ledo and Chamber as they have proven to be able to battle Whale-Squids without fear. He intends to enlist their aid in order to retrieve valuable salvage where the Whale-Squid's nests are located. Though this sounds like it is purely out of pride and greed, there is an underlying purpose of getting revenge for his older brother, who had apparently seen the underwater treasure, and died due to the Whale-Squids. Pinion later finds treasure and lost tech, a lot of which was thought to be destroyed by Gargantia's shooting. Turns out the treasures or tech later survived and was salvaged. However, Pinion does not get rich, and the tech is instead distributed among the fleet who helped him as a punishment for being greedy and foolish. Pinion accepts this punishment with grace.

Suisei no Gargantia BD-BOXⅢ LOGBOOK III[]

Pinion learning that Mayta was heading to Gargantia public baths, decided to bring Ledo to a secret room to spy on their girls using a one-way mirror. However, Ledo was unable to determine the purpose of Pinion's perverted intentions. Grace discovered them spying, attacking Pinion in the face, which caused him to damage the hot water wipe to the baths.


  • It is seen, but never said, that Pinion is in possession of a switchblade comb.
  • Pinion's elder brother's name is never mentioned.