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Gargantia OVA Muzzle 001.jpeg
Gender None (AI with male voice)
Personal Status
Relatives Reema (pilot)
First appearance
Anime Debut OVA Meguru Kouro

The machine known as "Muzzle" (Mazuru) is a machine which resembles a Machine Caliber. It worked alongside the girl Reema, as she infiltrated Kugel's pirate fleet. While working with Reema, it was still unable to communicate with her in her language due to limits in The Earth's technology. Eventually, "Muzzle" and Reema make contact with Ledo of the Gargantia fleet. "Muzzle" then comes into contact with Chamber's communication device. Allowing it to better communicate with Reema and Ledo.


"Muzzle" is a large robotic mech several meters high, primarily brown in color. Similar to Chamber, its cranium serves as its cockpit. Its legs are noticeably wide at the hips.

Weaponry and Abilities[]

Compared to Machine Caliber's like Chamber and Striker, "Muzzle" is prototype. "Muzzle's" only known weapon is an electromagnetic gun which it holds in its right hand.