Suisei no Gargantia Wiki
Age 14
Gender Female
Height 150
Weight Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Personal Status
Occupation Delivery Girl, Belly Dancer
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 2 - The Planet where it Began
Seiyuu Kana Asumi
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Melty (メルティ) is a delivery girl aboard the Gargantia Fleet.


She is younger than the other messengers of the fleet and is relatively flat-chested compared to Amy and Saaya. She has light brown hair in pigtails and bright green eyes. She wears a black bandeau and a purple vest with gold trim. She also wears a dark purple skirt with side buckles and a thick belt. She wears brown, open-toed shoes with a blue gem on them. She can usually be seen with her large pink messenger bag and pink-and-blue bows in her hair.

Melty before performing in the festival.

Her bikini is pink And her belly dancing outfit is a gold and purple embellished brassire and hipster bikini bottoms covered in front with a matching beaded belt that has a see-through high slit chiffon skirt, a decorated chocker and golden headdress with two feathers on top, armbands and anklets.

Melty belly dancing.


Melty first appears on the deck of Gargantia alongside Saaya. The two girls approach Amy from behind as she is about to use her glider to take flight and happily hug her. Melty asks Amy about her time as geisha, confusing her and resulting in Saaya explaining that she's talking about her having been taken hostage by a boy. As Melty tells her everyone on the ship wants to know, Amy tells Melty and Saaya they're interfering with her job and jumps off the deck, preparing to take off and leaving them behind.

When Pinion gathered a fleet with the intent of leaving Gargantia, she had no choice but to go with them, due to the fact that she originated from that fleet. After Ledo discovered that Kugel's fleet would attack Gargantia, he convinced Melty to return and warn them.



  • Melty was able to fly a Windsurfer Glider many hundreds of miles on her own, to get from Kugel's fleet to the Gargantia. Though she nearly died as a result, she recoved quickly.