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A Squad of Machine Calibers in combat.

The Machine Calibers are military-use robots equipped with an Artificial Intelligence program piloted by soldiers of the Galactic Alliance of Humankind.

The Continent on Earth has access to the first generation of Machine Calibers salvaged from the ocean and managed to reverse-engineer much of them. However, their combat capability and armor are gigantically inferior to the Galactic Alliance of Humankind version due to extremely wide tech gap.


The inside of a Machine Caliber's head is a cockpit manipulated by a pilot of the Galactic Alliance of Humankind via several controls. The cockpit consists of a set surrounded by visuals and controls.

Machine Calibers have a built-in AI program which is designed to help the pilot in exceeding in their task. They have the ability to communicate with language and use reason and logic as a human would, as seen in many conversations. They are also equipped with a database of some sort as seen when Chamber recognizes the disputed historical records surrounding earth, as well as when Chamber recognizes the resemblance of earth language to an 'ancient language". It is also revealed that they can do tasks such as language decryption, stellar parallax observation, close pilot observation and care-taking (such as keeping them in hibernation), and a Autopilot System with Self-learning Program that takes over control in a event the pilot becomes rogue or unconscious. All Machine calibers are self-powered aside from having many different battle functions.

Machine calibers fly using artificial gravity sinks; they create a point which they then fall towards. This is most obvious when they are used on a planet, as objects 'fall' upward toward the main gravity center whenever a caliber is hovering. Generally Machine Calibers are placed inside smaller carrier units called Assault Support Craft (ASC) which carry them and weapons to the front line at which point they deploy en masse. Once the mission is complete, Machine Calibers can return in the ASC or land on their own.

Machine Calibers have a variety of weapons, all of which are optimized for space combat. They are sometimes equipped with external weapons like the Plasma Lance or shields for increased combat efficiency. 

  • Green colored units were seen acting as the shooters as they were on the front.
  • Black colored units are essentially green, but with green paintedparts painted in black and are officer units that lead squadrons of three greens
  • Blue colored units were seen carrying Quantum dimension bombs. 
  • Red colored units were seen operating in pairs on weapons called Multi-core Cannons.  The Multi-core weapon was carried in two pieces, one unit carried the weapon, the other carried the power pack. 
  • The fifth variant is a single unit with purple with red and white hues. This unit is identified as the commander's unit for a full company.

Machine Caliber's armor has been shown be to extremely durable as the battle between Striker and Chamber showed both units able to take a considerable amount of punishment. Both Striker and Chamber fired their built-in beam weapons at each other doing little damage. When Striker is destroyed by Chamber, despite being at point blank range when Striker explodes, Chamber shown later to be largely intact. Despite their Durability, Machine Calibers can be easily destroyed with a single shot from the Hideauze  

Another ability that Machine Calibers have is Neuroplus power. Neuroplus is a direct connection between pilot and Machine. The plus side is that it gives the Machine Caliber drastically increased response time and speed. Neuroplus can only be sustained for a short period. Going beyond the limit will cause all biological activity to cease, killing the pilot.

Notable Machine Calibers[]


Chamber is Ledo's issued Machine Caliber. It is a mass-produced model used by pilots in the Galactic Alliance.


Striker is Commander Kugel's issued Machine Caliber. It is used by soldiers of a higher rank. Unlike Chamber, Striker carries a beam cannon which is far more powerful than the standard issue cannon and has an external power source.

Muzzle (Mazuru)[]

Mazuru is prototype version of the Machine Caliber piloted by Reema. Like others older version of the Machine Caliber, Mazuru is massively inferior to Chamber and Striker as it was damaged by cannon fires while Chamber and Striker barely have a scratch. Mazuru's weapon is the only electromagnetic gun holds in it right hand.

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