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GAH Lamorak is carrier in service with the GAH Military.


The Lamorak is a carrier which carries Machine Calibers and Assault Support Craft (ASC). The ship design is two bows attached at center. The ship has one single engine. ASC are launched from the ship in the same manner as missile being fired so units are literally fired out to battle. This allows the Lamorak to rapidly deploy it's forces once on the battle field. In keeping with traditional carrier tactics, they don't engage in battle, rather they maintain a safe distance from the battlefield. The Lamorak and other larger ships are able to use "Telemachy Swing" which allows the ships to safely traverse wormholes. The ship uses a guide beacon to allow ASC and Machine Calibers to safely land.


The Lamorak and her 5 sister ships were deployed during the Closer Pass Operation. The carrier stayed at the wormhole out of range and sight of the Hideauze weapon, the Blossom Sail. When the attack ultimately failed and the remaining units were ordered to withdraw. The Lamorak ordered all units to return within 4 minutes or be left behind. Ensign Ledo attempted to land but was caught by a Hideauze squid. Ledo destroyed the squid but was unable to hold on to the Lamorak as it returned to Avalon. The Lamorak presumably returned to Avalon with the rest of the carriers and surviving ships.


  • The Lamorak bears a strong resemblance to the Nirvana battleship from the Vandread anime series.