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The Gargantia Fleet is one of the largest of Scavenger Fleets which roam Earth's ocean. It is composed of a number of smaller fleets which have joined together for purposes of trade, resource sharing, and mutual defense. Ledo and Chamber are recovered by Gargantia personnel and join the fleet.


The Gargantia was formerly lead by Fleet Commander Fairlock with Ridget as aide. The leaders of the smaller fleets also take part in making decisions for the good of their respective populations, however, authority ultimately rests with the fleet commander.


The fleet is comprised of a vast array of ships of varying sizes, shapes, and purposes. While the fleet has several patrol ships which stay separated from the fleet as it travels, all other ships are connected by a series of interlocking arms, resulting in the fleet essentially moving as one object as well as allowing easy travel between ships.

The fleet seemingly can be divided into three sections: a forward, central, and rear section.

  • Forward section: It is comprised of a large central ship with several relatively smaller ships surrounding it. These ships contain the most structural mass in the fleet and seemingly the most residential space. The fleet's primary bridge where the fleet commander resides is here.
  • Central section: This part of the fleet contains the most ships and the most greenery of the three sections. On the central ship sits the crane tower, aka Heaven's Ladder, which is then surrounded by other large ships which decks have pastures and crop fields. Surrounding these larger ships are then scores of much smaller ships.
  • Rear section: The last part of the fleet contains a dozen large barges each carrying freshwater which can then be distributed to the rest of the fleet. Commander Fairlock's funeral procession ends at the stern of the last ship in the fleet where his body is let loose into the sea.


The fleet draws its name from the Gargantia Orbital Mass Driver, a gigantic space rocket propulsion system around which the fleet may have been structured. For unknown reasons, this system's existence is kept as a secret guarded by a handful of "Sages" for many years.

Notable Members[]

Fleet Commander: Chevron (Former), Fairlock (Former), Ridget (Current)

Fleet Commander's Aide: Ridget (Former), Heric, Worm

(Known) Ship Commanders: Flange, Crown

Salvage: Bellows, Ledo

Mechanic/Salvage: Pinion, Mayta, Joe

Guildmaster's: Fisherman Guildmaster

Delivery/Messenger/Belly Dancers: Amy, Melty, Saaya

Doctor: Dr. Oldham

Nurse: Storia (Former)

Defense/Odd Jobs: Chamber (Former)


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