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Seperation Island of Ambition

Ledo starts his offensive on the whalesquid nest, assisted by Pinion's crew and their barrage of depth charges, obliterating the enemies without much effort. While investigating an ancient facility, Ledo discovers a few records. Upon decrypting them, Ledo wishes Chamber to access them, which the latter denied as the records were mysteriously classified by the Galactic Alliance of Humankind . Because that he is the highest-ranked (and only) soldier on Earth, Ledo, as the commander, overrides Chamber's protocol, allowing him to access the files.

In these records, the Earth was slowly progressing into its fifth ice age as human civilization plans to colonize other worlds. A large organization of scientific researchers, known as the Evolvers, had drawn heavy controversy due to their movements all over the world. As global cooling continues to advance, interstellar travel became a high priority as the Continental Union creates various space stations and immigration ships at an extremely fast rate, and most of the population of Earth at the time heavily depended on its development for survival. Shocking information was leaked, then war between the Continental Union and countries defending the Evolvers quickly broke out.

When it became clear that even searching for a planet good enough to sustain human life would take decades to complete, bioengineering was the only solution. The war on Evolvers intensified as more shocking information was released. Humans were given heavy genetic modification using symbionts, squid-like artificial lifeforms, to adapt to near-vacuum environments and other extremities of outer space, all as part of illegal experiments .

At this point, the purpose of the war was clear; the Continental Union wanted humans to colonize other planets, continuing to survive by eating and reproduction, while the Evolvers completely abandoned human civilization. The Continental Union builds a giant portal just above the Earth's surface, which simultatenously self-destructed, stranding Evolvers and some non-combatants on frozen planet.

In shock with this revelation, Ledo shouts in despair as Chamber slays a Hideauze (human sized) child without his permission. Back at the Gargantia, both Bebel and Amy show signs of how much they miss him.

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