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A Soldier's Fate Deep Sea Secret

Fairlock does not resist the attack and nominates Ridget as his successor before he dies. Meanwhile, Chamber informs to Ledo that he finally managed to pinpoint the location of their civilization in space, but their current location is too far from it, and it may take thousands of years until someone picks up their distress signal. As Fairlock's funeral is held, several dissident ships agree to follow Pinion's plan and prepare themselves to get separated from the Gargantia. Melty decides to leave with them, and Saaya asks Amy if she does not want to leave with Ledo as well, but she responds that she can't abandon her brother. Seeing how much his sister is suffering with Ledo's decision to leave, Bebel tries to dissuade him, and Ledo claims that his drive to annihilate the whalesquids also comes from his desire to protect both Amy and him from the Hideauze. Instead of attending her foster father's funeral, Ridget looks for a solution to stop the fleet from splitting up, but Bellows reminds her that she does not need to take all the burden to herself, as she will always have the rest of the fleet to support her. Ridget then sees Fairlock off as his body is sent to the waters and asks the members of Gargantia to lend her their support. Soon after, a heartbroken Amy watches as the dissident ships leave the Gargantia, with Ledo aboard them.

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