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The Planet where it Began

Humans have left Earth and have made a paradise in space, Avalon, as humanity's new home and created the Galactic Alliance of Humanity to expand their journey through it. A threat known as Hideauze appeared before the Alliance and a war rages between them. Second Lieutenant Ledo and his A.I. Robot Partner Chamber joins the latest attack against the Hideauze. The attack ultimately ends in failure and a retreat order is issued, but Ledo is unable to return and is cast out into space. Six months later, the salvage ship Gargantia retrieves Chamber, but are unable to take it apart. After everyone leaves, Ledo decides to take a look around and gather intel on where he is, but is soon chased and kidnaps one of the crew, Amy. He is chased outside to find out he is on a habitable planet, which shocks him enough to release Amy. The crew pins him on a pylon, and he calls Chamber, to which the entire crew is surprised to see moving and floating.

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