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Moment of Decision Abandoned Armada

Striker claims that it was following Kugel's instructions after his death and eventually reached the conclusion that to ensure stability to the fleet, it was necessary for the humans to view it as their god. Both Ledo and Chamber reject Striker's offer to join its side and decide to destroy it. Unable to defeat Striker in their current condition, Ledo decides to merge his nerve system with Chamber's interface to increase its capabilities at the cost of his life, but Amy appears soon after to tell him that he does not need to fight alone. Meanwhile, at the Gargantia, Ridget uses the key to activate the mass driver stored inside the main ship and uses it to bombard the enemy fleet while Pinion evacuates his crew and intends to take the enemies assaulting his ship with them, but is saved in the last moment by Yukkage. Striker then decides to attack the Gargantia, but Ledo and Chamber pursue it. In the last moment, Ledo reveals that despite the fact that he's willing to sacrifice his own life to protect his friends, his true desire is to survive the battle and return to live at the Gargantia with Amy. Chamber then relieves Ledo from duty and ejects him to safety before destroying Striker with a suicide attack. Some time after the battle, it is revealed that Yukkage, and many survivors of Kugal's fleet, joined the Gargantia and Ledo had become an experienced salvager capable of retrieving items from whalesquid territory without provoking them, and he hopes that eventually they learn the means to properly communicate with them. He also seems to be in a relationship with Amy. The episode fades out to an image of whalesquid larva attached to Chamber (which is still intact) at the bottom of the sea.

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