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Supreme Ruler of Terror The Legend of the Verdurous Planet

Ledo asks Commander Kugel to consider canceling the attack on the Gargantia fleet but Kugel refuses. Kugel informs Ledo that if he feels an "affinity" towards them, then he should enlighten them. Ledo leaves to consider what Kugel has said. Pinion is working on the restoring weapons when Yukkage approaches him and informs him that she is plotting to leave as she wants to be a pirate again. It starts to rain and Ledo watches Kugel's worshiper's disposing of people much the same way the Galactic Alliance does. He has visions of Amy and Bebel and does not want that to happen to them. Ledo confronts Kugel before the attack and a heated battle erupts between them. Yukkgage, with help from Pinion and Flange, stages an uprising. Ledo had secretly given Melty a task of carrying advance warning to Gargantia, telling them to change course and run. Dr. Oldham tells Ridget that the time has come to use the key passed to her Fairlock. Ledo and Kugel fight, but Striker is clearly the superior machine, as it easily overwhelms Chamber in speed and firepower. Pinion fires another shot from a cannon, giving Ledo enough time to grab on to Striker and then maximized his generator and rams Striker into a tower. Ledo opens the cockpit of Striker to find Kugel who has been dead the entire time. Striker reactivates and flies off. Ledo falls but is caught by Chamber. As they pursue Striker, who is revealed to be the one giving the orders the entire time. Striker turns with open cockpit and tells Ledo that his resistance is without meaning.

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