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Dr. Oldham
Gargantia dr. Oldham 001.jpg
Age N/A
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Doctor
Relatives N/A
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 4 - The Flute of Recollection
Seiyuu Hideyuki Umezu (Japanese)
Steve Mann (English)

Dr. Oldham is the resident doctor aboard the Gargantia fleet.



Dr. Oldham is the top physician aboard the Gargantia fleet. One of his main tasks is taking care Amy's ill little brother Bebel. Dr. Oldham, while not an engineer. Is very interested in learning about the lost technology of the ancient humans. Upon meeting the young soldier, Ledo. Dr. Oldham explains his interest in both humanities lost science and space travel. Though the doctor sadly explains does not have the necessary knowledge to help the boy return to space.

Sometime later, Dr. Oldham is revealed to know about a hidden weapon aboard the Gargantia. That he, and a select group of people had vowed to keep secret.