Suisei no Gargantia Wiki
Gender None (AI with male voice)
Personal Status
Occupation Pilot Support Enlightenment Interface System
Relatives Ledo (pilot)
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1 - Castaway
Seiyuu Tomokazu Sugita
Matthew Mercer (English)
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Chamber K6821 is a Pilot Support Enlightenment Interface System assigned to Ledo's Machine Caliber. Its primary role is that of a battle adviser and life-support for its pilot. On Earth, it also serves as Ledo's translator and defense for Gargantia.


Chamber is a large robotic mech several meters high, primarily charcoal gray in color with white, orange, and turquoise details. Its cranium serves as it's cockpit. Its legs are noticeably wide at the hips

Weaponry and Abilities[]

Overall, Chamber is far superior to any Yunboro on Earth. Its physical strength is more than enough to overpower Lukkage's Lobster. It is able to fly and hover, and has a wide array of beam weapons with pinpoint targeting. In its own words, it is capable of single-handedly wiping out the Gargantia or any other scavenger or pirate fleet. Its armor is impervious to virtually all Earth-based tools and Pinion's crew was unable to even scratch it. It has long-range sensors as well as the ability to put its pilot into a form of suspended animation by means of cryogenics for recovery purposes.

Ironically, Chamber is considered as a regular-type Machine Caliber among its peers and does not have as much power as that of higher-ranking officers'. However, due to the low level of technology on Earth, it is considered the most powerful weapon on the planet. What is most ironic is the fact that there is very little need for its combat ability, aside from the occasional pirate attack.

Chamber is capable of underwater movement, but its beam weapons are ineffective underwater, as they are designed with the airless vacuum of space in mind and not the highly dissipative properties of water. To compensate for this, Chamber is equipped with a scale harpoon/spear when engaged in underwater combat. This harpoon is equipped to fire its head on a retractable line; the head is equipped with a number of explosive charges.

Later, when the decision is made to fight against Kugel's Striker, Pinion adds a beam cannon to the left arm and a gatling gun on the right. Two missile launchers are added to both legs. During the battle with Striker, Ledo uses an ability called Neuroplus power. The ability is a direct neural connection between Chamber and Ledo, boosting performance by 153 percent, but could only be sustained for 482 seconds. Going beyond the limit is fatal to the pilot.

The beam weapon used by Chamber has various types:

Reflector beam: beam weapon that used to disintegrate lock-on target without harming the hostages. First used against pirate.

Internal systems

Gravity engine: the engine that allows Chamber to float and fly.