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Blossom Sail

 The Blossom Sail is a weapon created by the Hideauze for defense of their nest.


The Blossom Sail is a large six star configured weapons. It's exact size is not know but given it still size it is considerably large. Each point of the star is barrel which allows the weapon to fire six shots at once. Behind the sail is a large shaft which runs the length to the Hideauze's nest. The sail can also regenerate if destroyed. When fired , the shots travel in a straight and then disperse across a large area allowing the cannon to inflict damage a in large area.


As the Hideauze principal means of defense, the Blossom Sail has been shown to be effective at stopping the GAH in their tracks. When the GAH attacked the Hideauze, the Blossom Sail began to power up, 5 of the 6 six cannon were destroyed but the 6th cannon fired and inflicted considerable damage. The 6th cannon was destroyed eventually. With all the cannons destroyed, the GAH destroyed the what remained of the blossom sail with their new weapon, the Dimeinstrum. Intitally it destroys the sail but the sail ability regenerate allow to rebuild and fire before the GAH is able to recharge the Dimenstrum thus breaking the GAH attack