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Avalon is the principle space colony under The Galactic Alliance's rule. It has a population of 470 million citizens. It is to be protected from the Hideauze at all cost.


Avalon is a beautiful colony, sometimes called the "homeland" or "paradise" of the Alliance. The inhabitants enjoy freedoms such as the right to sleep, eat, drink, and reproduce as they see fit. Chamber explains that after being released from active duty, a soldier is allowed four weeks visitation privliages.

After decades of war fighting with the GAH losing battle after battle which culminated to the Close Pass Operation, a final last ditch attempt by the GAH to exterminate the Hideauze, which ended in failure with the near destruction of the entire GAH Space Fleet and Machine Caliber squads. Subsequently the Hideauze managed to reach the Avalon and the GAH fought to the last man, though several of the colonies fell. The Hideauze showed no quarter or mercy to the populations as they destroyed those colonies, turning those they managed to overrun destroyed into lifeless wrecks, the formarly impressive dispalys of humanity now nothing more then a Coral Reef's for the Hideauze.

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  • The name Avalon, originally comes from Arhturian myth. It was a magical island paradise where King Arthur slept, until his prophsized return.