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Amy profile picture.png
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 156 cm
Weight Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Personal Status
Occupation Delivery Girl, Belly Dancer
Relatives Bebel (Brother)
Ledo (Husband)
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1 - Castaway
Seiyuu Hisako Kanemoto (Japanese)
Cassandra Lee Morris (English)
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Amy is a delivery girl aboard the Gargantia fleet. She encounters Ledo and acts as his guide, which eventually leads her to fall in love with him.


Amy is an active teenage girl filled with curiosity. She is loyal to her friends and family and as seen in the series, and she can take control of difficult situations. Amy is a courageous teenager with a warm heart filled with compassion for the people she loves. Most of the time, she wears a smile on her face. She is free spirited with little modesty or embarrassment, enjoying wearing a bikini during the calm and dancing in a skimpy belly dancer outfit for crowds in a cafe.


She is a young, beautiful girl who has light blue eyes, blushed cheeks, and short, light brown hair with bangs and a small red and yellow clip on the left side of her face. She carries a flying squirrel with her named Grace. Her normal attire has very decorative shapes and patterns, almost tribal like. She wears an orange, blanket-like coat with yellow frills on top of her brown crop-top that exposes her belly and belly button. She wears a layered orange skirt with yellow frills. She has a belt with a little pouch and sometimes carries a messenger bag; green with a feather in the middle and yellow lining, for work. In episode five she wears a crimson bikini while relaxing during the calm and in episode six wears a belly dancers outfit that consists of a maganta and gold brassire with hipster bikini bottoms covered with a jeweled,beaded belt with a see-through high slit chiffon skirt along with a decorated choker, headress, armbands and anklets while dancing in the cafe.


Amy first appears running through the hallways with her pet chipmunk, Grace. Sliding down the banisters and traveling to the hangar, she greets Bellows and presents her with a letter from Ridget stating that she may use the hangar till the following night, if she takes responsibility for it and presents her with a pledge to sign. Noticing the large machine, Amy is amazed and asks what it is, only to be told that they don't know and they've been unable to take it apart. Taking a look at some strange writing on it, Amy notes that it looks as if it could move at any moment. With nothing more to do, Amy goes back to her delivery route, telling Pinion to take a few parts off by the time she returns the next morning.[1]

Late that night, Amy returns to the hangar with Pinion before dawn, having been excited about seeing the machine, saying that only Pinion would be able to open it as she climbs up. Pinion spies a trail of footprints near the machine. As he starts feeling uneasy, Pinion tells Amy to get off but before she is able to do so, she is kidnapped by a young boy and held hostage. Unable to break free, Amy is carried off by the boy while Pinion alerts everyone else. While being carried, her shouts are used by the boy to study her language. Soon, the two wind up outside where the he stops moving. Grace attacks the boy and forces him to drop Amy before returning to her as other people hold him back with guns. The boy counters with his Machine Caliber, surprising Amy and the rest of the people.[1]

As the machine is about to land, Amy runs off as it does so and attempts to communicate. Ridget appears to speak, and the boy introduces himself as Ledo.[2]

Amy explains her thoughts on Ledo.

Some time later, Amy arrives to meet Ridget and is questioned about being late, causing her to long for the times when such wasn't the case. Asked for her opinion on Ledo, Amy explains that he seemed normal to her and did what anyone would do in an unfamiliar situation, furthermore stating that he didn't try to hurt her. When she suggests asking the person inside his machine, the others are skeptical of such an idea working since the machine is too strong but comment on its impressiveness, stating that the machine was beyond their ability to work with.[2]

Afterwards, after making a delivery, Amy takes her glider out but is taken by surprise by Saaya and Melty, who enthusiastically ask her about what it was like being taken hostage by a boy and asking about his physical features. Agitated, Amy brushes them aside and takes off, jumping from the platform and spreading her glider wings and flying off.[2]

Amy talking to Bevel.

Soon, meeting Bebel at home, Amy apologizes for being late and then is asked by Bevel about her hostage situation, she shrugs it off and claims it was nothing serious. Asked about her captor, Amy states he was roughly her age and not very manly, and seemed slender. She also tells him that a person inside his machine can communicate. Bevel suggests being friends with them, to which she agrees. Presenting him with a souvenir, Amy listens to Bevel talk about Ledo being a sky person from when Earth froze and people moved to the stars, though she claims such is not possible since they brought him and the machine up from the sea.[2]

Amy inspecting the cockpit.

That evening, Amy approaches Ledo on behalf of her shipmates and offers him a fish, eating one half of it herself to show it is safe. With communication she manages to get Ledo to eat the fish and introduces herself, also asking Red where he is from, to which he answers by pointing to the sky. That night, Amy has a conversation with the machine and asks details about the enemy being fought by them. Upon being asked to explain Earth's condition, Amy talks to the machine, believing there to be a person inside it, and asking him to come out. Going inside, she is surprised to see that it is empty and that the machine is an artificial intelligence. Amy is amazed at this revelation as Chamber, the machine, keeps asking questions.[2]

Amy tells Ledo about the Galaxy Path.

Amy goes on to explain that while the Earth was frozen, it soon melted and became a water world and while there used to be land, she does not know of it. Today, everyone lives on connected ships and they one they are on is called Gargantia. Amy explains that there are many other such fleets of ships including pirates. Suddenly, a rumble alerts Amy to the presence of the sea galaxy, a show of elements that creates a new path called the "Galaxy Path" for ships to cross. Further explaining that the sea galaxy is made of electricity-producing bugs, a surge of lightning reveals the sky, causing Ledo to turn to his machine and make worry over his anxiety.[2]

Amy asking Ledo for help.

The next day, Amy attempts to tell everyone that the machine is unmanned, though they don't believe her. As Pinion suggests sinking Ledo in order to find the truth, Amy is shocked, stating that he's just scared because he doesn't know where he is. Not long after, while doing her usual routine, Amy is told the salvage ship is being attacked by Pirates. Hearing this, Amy approaches Ledo, asking if he can help them. As he agrees, Amy watches Ledo take off; and after seeing the him dispose of the pirates, Amy can only stare on in shock.[2]

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  • Amy's parent's are not mentioned, while she appears to be the only person aside from Dr. Oldham who takes care of her brother Bebel.