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• 5/1/2013

Ledo's name

I do believe the main character's name is Red and not Ledo. In Japan, when speaking the R sounds like it is mixed with an L and vice versa. The O at the end is just a Japanese way of saying the name. For example, if someone's name was Bridget, in Japanese it would be said "Bridgitto" or Margaret would be "Margaretto." This would mean that if you pronounce the R right and take off the O his name would be Red. (also on the official website they say his name is Red)Is my presumption correct? 

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• 6/3/2013

japanese spelling of ledo [katakana] is re-do. on the other hand, red has the spelling of [re-d-do] hinting the small 'tsu' in the middle. therefore, ledo's name can only be ledo or redo. it's up to them on how are they gonna read them but most definately not red.

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